How would you like to get on a weight loss plan you actually felt excited about?


A plan that respected your enjoyment of food, and understood you have a life.

Yes, weight loss requires dedication.

Yes, you must commit.

But it doesn't justify the torture I'm seeing people submit themselves to.


You don't need to suffer to get healthy. You need motivation.

Don't get me wrong, there is no magic pill. But if there were, I would call it "enjoy the goddamn process".

It really is very simple: we succeed in the things we enjoy.

I invite you to consider a new way of doing things.


Get a clean slate, start fresh and, most importantly: stop doing it alone.

Daniella, NY

I love Lisette's holistic approach to coaching. She understands that there are a number of factors at play to achieving your goals and she's a master at identifying the patterns that are no longer in service to your fullest expression of yourself. With the breadth and depth of knowledge she possesses, she knows how to ask the right questions to provide relevant solutions to bring you to the next level. Best of all, she does it with patience, compassion, and so much love. 

Carmen, Miami

There are certain individuals that step into your life at just the right moment, adding that "special something" that impacts and supports you as you become a better version of yourself.

I find that Lisette Luna is one of those individuals in my life. I've had the pleasure of knowing her almost four years now from both a professional and personal standpoint. Lisette has an innate passion for knowledge that has led her to be the individual she is today. Lisette's perspective compliments the person you are at that moment in time. 

Alexandra, Miami Beach

Working with Lisette has been a journey into getting to know myself; a mirror placed at the right angle to see where I can do better. It's like getting adopted by a wise Mom who foresees any troubles I might encounter with my goal along the way -which in my case was weight loss. Lisette is very professional, her communication is precise, she has the gift of listening and giving the right advice. Her ideas are new and refreshing, and I appreciate how simple they are. 


  • Lose weight while choosing what to eat.

  • Increase your energy without the extra caffeine.

  • Bring hunger down to normal, manageable levels.

  • Look and feel amazing.

  • Improve your mood and feel more clear-minded.

  • Learn a lifestyle you love and get to keep forever.

  • Learn how to never regain the weight once you achieve the goal.


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